Where is the Deli Girl?

A few weeks ago, I experimented with water-soluble media (like pencils and crayons) using deli paper. The rationale behind this is that, unlike normal paper, deli paper doesn’t warp when water-based media is used because the reverse side of the paper is waxy.  This prevents the paper from absorbing water and buckling up.

Deli Girl

I decided to use this drawing and develop something out of it.  Took some thick mixed media paper and scumbled some acrylic paint on it.  I was in the mood for the colder tones of blue and purple.  Whilst drying, I took the Deli Girl drawing and punched out some shapes with a puncher and trimmed the edges to make it more interesting.  Then I glued it on top of the acrylic painting!

And started getting all creative with it.  I enhanced the Girl by using water-soluble crayons and spreading the colour with a wet brush for some transparency.  Scumbled some orange/yellow paint (to add warmness) and randomly added cutouts from the holes I made from the puncher and also some pink wrapping tissue.  Quite a radical change, and also I now like using deli paper as another collage material!


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