It’s going to be a very short blog today.  Had a busy weekend having HJ’s family over for his birthday barbeque on Saturday and yesterday, just cleaned up and preparing for our upcoming trip to Japan.  Yes Japan!

So I thought it might be an idea to get a hair change.  It’s been a while since I last had my hair coloured.  Had highlights done for over 20 years and I guess over time, my hair was getting brittle and damaged so it needed a little break.  Well that “few months or so” turned out to be practically about three years!

So I was a natural “dark brown / black” all this time and noticed how the occasional strand of white hairs would crop up.  Eek!!  So a few weeks ago, I booked an appointment with the colourist and went for the foils.

Highlights do not necessarily imply going blond! It’s adding a few streaks of lighter colour for enhancement.

So I did a quick kawaii sketch with colour pencils and using for the first time larger A3 size paper, and wow the freedom of having a lot of space to scribble around!


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