Bad stuff certainly come in three’s don’t they? First was a flu 😷 a few weeks ago, followed by a nasty 72-hour migraineΒ πŸ€• and now a very painful toothache πŸ˜– ! Went to the dentist last Thursday and am told as it’s a crack on my left back molar, they can’t fix it and we’d have to have it extracted! 😱

Unfortunately I need to go to a hospital for that, and I am told my first available appointment is not till two weeks later! 😭 I tried to get them to bring it forward but to no avail. However they did suggest to call again in the mornings to see if they’ve had any cancellations so they may be able to fit me in.

Meanwhile my tooth hurts like hell πŸ˜–. A piercing pain on my left side that comes and goes. At times I can’t even drink anything cold and have to remember not to swish water around my mouth too much when brushing my teeth. I don’t like taking painkillers so a couple of whole cloves do the trick.

So early this afternoon I figured sitting down and drawing something would distract me from the pain … just an animated pencil sketch of how I really feel! The word γ‚€γ‚Ώγ€œγ‚€! means “Ouch” in Japanese.

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