Another Polo Match

I guess I ended up creating a Trilogy of drawings during this 4-game Polo tournament last Sunday.  Apart from coloured pencils, I also brought with me a set of Cretacolor Basic Drawing Set consisting of white chalk and charcoal pencils in black (soft and extra soft), sepia and sanguine.  A bit smudgy and messy to use but produces stunning effects.

I didn’t have my blending materials with me and was reluctant to use fingers as it is miles to the bathroom to wash my hands.  There were no napkins at hand.  Next time I will remember to bring some wet wipes!  Not to worry, I drew what I can and figured later I could modify or work on it further when I get home.


So when I got home, I got more brave with the charcoal pencils and also used some Conté sticks.  These sticks look like hard pastels but they are not really strictly pastels and are composed of compressed powdered graphite or charcoal mixed with a wax or clay base.  Square in cross-section, it is understandably easily confused with pastel.


Indeed these Conté sticks, combined also with the charcoal and chalk pencils, strengthened the colours more.  By simply using cotton buds (Q tips) and my pinky, I proceeded in blending the colours a bit for dimension and better definition.  The ball now looks more like a ball than a frisbee!


I love the look drawings in conté mediums as well as charcoal and chalk, but unfortunately the finish is so delicate and if not careful can be smudged easily.  Spraying fixative over the work certainly helps but you still need to be careful.  Anyway I plan on framing this one I think so the glass should protect it…

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