Riding with Doggies

I am back to drawing horses again, along with the kawaii characters!  Today, I was at the NK Jachtpaarden in Ede, Holland.  It’s an exciting annual horse event, and in the end comes this amazing bit when they bring a herd of hunting dogs to run around with the horses.  The dogs follow the smell of the bait which is a piece of raw steak, whilst the jockeys on the horses are there to keep the herd together under control.

DSCF7005 copy

We’ve been going to this event yearly the past 3 years to photograph for fun, but we gave the “dog part” a miss this year because we were so tired and have an early start in the morning.  As such I thought it would be a good chance for me to draw a series of “horse with dogs” work using my imagination!


For this particular work, I used hard pastels.  It’s been a while since using pastels and thought I’d give it a go again.  I limited the colour scheme to grey and brown scales and used pink pastel paper for added cuteness.  We like the sets each of Brown and Grey Hard Pastels by Cretacolor.


Drawing with hard pastels is quite a challenge especially when it comes to including small details.  For instance keeping the shape of the dogs was no easy task and could come out quite messy but I somehow managed.  With the horse, I blended the pastels with a hard brush to “hide” the patterns from the bumpy texture on the paper.


I’d like to continue using kawaii and animated styles in my drawings.  As such the dogs were inspired by the French animation “Gaspard et Lisa”.

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