Let’s Plant Hello Kitty!

Another Hello Kitty art! I was going through my stuff last Monday and found a cheap flimsy HK suitcase I was wanting to get rid of for years. As I was tossing it out I found a big piece of paper inside that came in with the suitcase featuring Hello Kitty’s face. Whilst I was happy to get rid of the suitcase, I didn’t want to part with that paper because it was too cute!

So I decided to make an art of it rather than leave it in the pile of paper with all my other junk, never to be seen again. I made no concrete plans as to what to do with it and thought I’d just play it by ear as I progress.

Took a thick A4 paper and covered it thinly with neon red paint with a roller. Then partially applied with a spatula some red paint (mixed with glossy gel medium) and scumbled it to make sure the neon colour still showed through. Whilst waiting for it to dry, I carefully cut out Hello Kitty’s face and glued it on that paper.

I had some flowers and heart design stencils left over from the time I was experimenting with my Sizzix die cutting machine. So I took some light green and yellow paint and randomly placed the patterns around her face. Hmmm so what next? It was already midnight but I was somewhat feeling creative.

I grabbed a variety of rubber stamps with flowers on them and started stamping away using ink in dark green, some orange, mustard yellow and for a final accent turquoise blue! My aim was to avoid pink to see if I could still create the same sort of cuteness. Whilst it remains among my fave colours, it seems to be overused at times.

I decided to stop at the stamping and not add anymore further layers of paint or embellishments. I wanted the green flowers to stand out and the accent colours of orange and turquoise blue to remain as accents whilst still letting Hello Kitty’s cute face be visible. And I didn’t want to kill the shocking red background.

All went well but if I were to start again, I would have brushed a thin layer of gesso over Hello Kitty’s face before piling paint over it. The paper is that slippery shiny types that tends to make the paint and inks slip or smudge easily and hence the resulting application quite uneven. Furthermore, everything took ages to dry. Next time I know!

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