Hello Kitty Reflecting

🎨 So!  My first Kitty-chan project and looking forward to more!  A bit of a mixed media piece primarily with acrylic, oil pastels and ink.  New to and interested in dipping into the mixed media type work, I have been following this really cool book called “Paint Mojo:  A Mixed Media Workshop” by Tracy Verdugo.  In it, the author stimulates our inspiration and provides exercises for us to practise on which I did whilst at the same time developing my own diversion.  And I was most definitely in a Hello Kitty mood. 😁

📝 We start by jotting down our thoughts so I repeatedly wrote rows of “Kitty Chan” across the paper and then smudged that with a thin layer of Gesso.  (For those who don’t know, Hello Kitty is called Kitty Chan in Japan.)  Then I built up layers of various stuff with red and white oil pastels and various flower-shaped rubber stamps. 🌺

👑 La pièce de résistance is the Hello Kitty heads.  Made a stencil out of a Sizzix die-cut of her head and carefully traced the outlines on the paper.   We love this die-cut medium!  Most useful not only for the cut-outs for craftwork but also for making stencils out of!


😊 So what next?  Randomly painted around the Hello Kitties and added some green accent where the heads overlap.  Final touch:  Grab the cut-out of the ribbon and glue it on. 🎀

Oh but hang on…. as soon as I thought I was done, I just realised something really stupid. 😱  Hello Kitty’s ribbon is famously on her left ear, not  her right!  I must have absent-mindedly used the stencil on the wrong side.  DUUUUH… but rather than panic, I figured, why not make something creative out of a mistake? 💡  Name this painting after Mimmy, the twin sister of Kitty, who customarily wears her ribbon on the right side?  Nah, too obvious.  Oh but aha!  Hello Kitty could be looking into a mirror.  And hence, Hello Kitty Reflecting.  😁


😇 Disclaimer!  I realise this work may infringe on Sanrio (producer of Hello Kitty) copyrights as a friend had suggested.  I hope this is not the case because I have no intention on selling this work (or any of my stuff for that matter) in the first place or going to make money or business out of it.  For me, my artwork is purely creative fun and an expression of what is going on in my mind.  All I want to do is just enjoy and share my passion with others.  I mean I am no expert at the legal side of it, but if anyone out there has any thoughts on this, do share please!  Always good to learn 😇

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