Garden of Eden

Yay, it’s so wonderful to get my mojo back finally! I was so ill last weekend suffering from a nasty migraine that left me bedridden for 3 full days and unable to use the computer and even my phone. 😷   As such, I had no chance to post this painting of few days earlier (let alone paint at all)  but here it is! 💖

🎨 It’s my first fully-acrylic painting using also some texturising mediums. Loving the bright colours too!!

😇 Decided to experiment with modelling paste for the background as it gives out a nice grainy texture and evens out the spread of the paint.  It was also my first time in many years to seriously paint with acrylic, and I am amazed how versatile it is!  Can be used straight from the tube, diluted with water or combined with various mixing mediums like gel and texturising pastes.  Looking forward to experimenting more!

I also thickly outlined some areas with Gesso to add some texture to the flowers. 🌺However, the drawing is quite small so am afraid they don’t stand out as much as I had  wanted to, although the leaf on HJ’s shirt shows some texture 🍃.  Another exciting bit is getting hold of some neon day-glo colours in bottles and using them for our T-shirts in the drawing.  Awesome!  Need to use those colours again soon.  😎


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