Teddy Rides Giraffe

Practicing drawing various animals is so much fun! But how about trying one I’ve never drawn before? This time I decided to go for a giraffe. And why a giraffe, you may be asking? I happened to come across an animal charity organization on Facebook some time ago which featured plushies including one of a giraffe! It was so adorable that I was inspired to try painting one myself, something I have never done before. Always wonderful to try out new things! And here was another chance to continue practicing coloring with my Copic Markers…

Pen Drawing

Cansons The Wall sketchbook for markers was used for this drawing. Being new to giraffes and afraid to make mistakes with non erasable mediums like markers, I firstly sketched with pencil. It was not easy with a lot of erasing amid trial and error, but I must say a drawing a giraffe is bit similar to drawing a horse (which I’ve done lots of times before) except with a shorter face and longer neck. Of course, I wasn’t going to leave it at just a giraffe on her own. How about a cute little Teddy Bear sitting on her back holding a balloon! Once I was happy with the sketch, I went over it carefully with black Copic multiliner.

Coloring In

And now time to color them all in! Copic Ciao markers were chosen for this, as I have a wider variety of colors to choose from compared to the Copic Sketch, especially for selecting the right color for our giraffe. In the end, I found the perfect shade for her. And of course, for Teddy. Copic Markers do come in a wide range of colors and in varying shades and tones for a reason. To add contrast to the warm colors of the giraffe, I made her eyes a bright blue. The balloon was painted red which worked really well with the existing color scheme. For the white areas such as teddy’s eyes, I went for gel pen. And here we have it!

Indeed a simple drawing, but the objective was to draw something new and create something kawaii out of it. I also find Copic Markers wonderful to paint with, and for this you need something relatively simple to start with. And although it was a challenge, I can now add a giraffe to my collection of animals I can now draw! Now let’s see what others can join in…

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