Happy Bunny

So it’s 2023, and therefore the Year of the Rabbit. Being one of my favorite animals along with cats, expect more bunny drawings especially this year! I’m sure our little bunnies are honored to have a year dedicated to them hehe. And today, sharing some digital art pertaining to this cute little creature!

The Beginning

This time, I experimented with “colored pencils”. Another set of brushes I had purchased recently is the “Magical Textures” from Creative Market which includes a variety of textured pencils. After having doodled my outline for the bunny sketch in Textured Pencil 5, I proceeded in filling in the colors with Textured Pencil 4, allocating a separate layer for each color block. Loving that crayon-like texture!


So far so cute as well as simple, which was the plan. Before working on the background, though, some minor details on my kawaii bunny. The ears needed to be pink in the middle, and the white round collar had to be added once again with the Textured Pencils. Once done, I first introduced some green stamps from the “Delicious Texture” set from Design Cuts. Then a variety of texture brushes in yellow, blue amd purple and playing around with the blending modes. Finishing touch was some fluorescent pink hearts to match the bunny’s dress. And now!

What a sweet happy bunny we have here. Of course, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, and she’s thrilled about it! We love all the bright vivid colors here too and what energy they give. With the rather drab winter expected for the next few months, we can certainly cheer up with our happy vibrant painting of out happy bunny!

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