Year of the Rabbit!

Happy New Year to everyone, including all my readers! 2023 marks the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac. Whilst this year’s Chinese New Year is not till 21 January, the Japanese like myself follow the solar calendar as in the West. So let’s welcome the Year of the Rabbit already!

Bunny Time!

And I love bunnies and rabbits! You’ve probably gathered that in my pst artwork, right? What a great start of the year then and a wonderful way to get creative by taking advantage of this Year of the Rabbit.

Creative with Pastels

And here is the first artwork of the year. A variety of pastel mediums on anthracite Pastel Mat by Clairefontaine. First an outline sketch with grey Derwent pastel pencil, followed by roughly filling in with a range of hard pastels from the greyscale set by Cretacolor. Buffed the area with some sponge and grey Pan Pastel. Pink pan pastel for ears, then white of eyes and nose with Derwent pastel pencils. Finally the writing in white chalk pencil.

And how sweet does my bunny look! Now I’m really going to make this year even more kawaii with lots of artwork like this. And meanwhile, wishing you all a wonderful Year of the Rabbit with lots of fortune, prosperity and good health! And loads of kawaii happenings of course…


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