Flowing in Water

After having doodled my drawing on sketchbook (see my last blog Flowers in the Water), I decided to make a digital version of it from scratch! To recap: During our stroll last weekend, we came across a line of flower bouquets mysteriously flowing down the stream one after another like it were a procession. Some got seperated and scattered, whilst others remained grouped together. We’re still wondering why but now realize it was 11 September that day. Although we are in the middle of the Dutch countryside where such a remembrance is uncommon, it may be that someone from the area may have been one of the casualties, who knows. Whatever the occasion, it was quite a serene moment watching these flowers make their way along the water. And what an impression it made which of course inspired me to paint about it, first on sketchbook and now digitally!

The Background

We love the Procreate app! It enables us to create various possibilities with textures and patterns. You could also purchase add-on brushes to expand such possibilities. Here, I firstly painted the water in blue and land in green with seperate layers for each in case I need to change anything. Next layers involved introducing textures like water and leaves and plants. Jason’s Procreate Brushes are great for this, available on Creative Market!

The Flowers

More leafy textures were further added, and some brown “fine grit” introduced for the soil. And now the flowers! A variety of brushes and colors were played around with to experiment and to try out what’s available. Blotty inker, wet smudgy pen and grainy sketch were among the brushes. I also love the neon colors, along with the Lights brush, also available on Creative Market.

Final Textures

Further tweaking of the leafy area of the land involved another layer of leafy textures and fine grit as well as trying out different Blending Modes such as Screen and Color Burn. Introducing a new layer on top of the existing certainly gave more dimension to the painting! As for the flowers, I thought some bling would be interesting. Predictably, a new layer on the flowers and some glitter on top! Now that’s much better, and here we have it!

Once again, lots of fun playing around and getting creative with digital artwork! I’m really getting into the textures and awed by all the possibilities. Looks like for every “analog” painting I make, I might even create a digital version of it for fun! This was a great and fun example of it. And now for the next in the series, I am planning to make a mixed media with collage version of the flowing flowers on canvas. Looking forward to it!

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