Hello Kitty Head!

Little One is a huge fan of Hello Kitty! The other day, she decided to take one of her cute plushies and for fun attach it on the back of her head. It’s just one of her moments. And how sweet, Hello Kitty’s face is showing right above Little One with her arms up in the air as if she were waving. Or even saying “peek a boo!”. What fun they were having together as they were taking a stroll in the neighborhood! And so I decided to create something really sweet for both of them. How could I not?

Pencil Sketch

And now another exciting lesson with Juliette Crane’s Serendipity I classes, this one being “Gathering Inspiration” which turns out to be some fun art journal work. We first start out by doodling on paper whatever comes to mind and using that as a basis for our painting. As Juliette went for “a girl with an animal totem” on her head, I was inspired to do the same but with my favorite character, Hello Kitty, on her head! The sketch is later used as a collage, as we see later on, and hence it was not necessary to use thick paper for this.

Creating Background

And now on a seperate paper, in this case a new page from a sketchbook, we begin our background. Paint was randomly applied with a foam brush to enable bold strokes. Here I used Golden Fluid Acrylic in Pyrrole Orange and acrylic inks in turquoise blue and shimmering yellow followed by tapping some bubble wrap dipped in darker blue. Interesting marks were also formed by using water spray.

Combining the Two Pieces

Once I was ready and the paint dry, I incorporated some collage. How about a moon or sun on the side? A combination of wrapping paper, magazine page and tissue cut out in round shapes was glued on. Then I cut out the pencil sketch of Little One and Hello Kitty and carefully glued it on the painted page with acrylic medium, smoothing out any bumps with a brayer. More collage bits of paper paper napkins and wrapping paper were added on the ground area. As you can see, I always like to keep any scrap paper that would make interesting collages!

Painting the Rest

And here comes the fun part: Just coloring in the subjects and introducing more layers on the background! A variety of colors from the Golden Fluid Acrylics range was used for this. For instance, I love that Napthol Red Light, what a perfect shade for Hello Kitty’s ribbon, to be matched with Little One’s dress! The sky was mainly covered with Teal with a bit of white, whilst the ground was a combination of Green Gold, Indian Yellow Hue and Nickel Azo Yellow. Loving the autumnal shades! In the end, I wanted to experiment with some baby pink wrapping tissue to achieve an organza effect for Little One’s dress. Not sure if the result was as intended but I quite like it! And now completed, a rather quick but cute painting and a great play around with collaging.

Always a pleasure following Juliette Crane’s classes! From this, I got further ideas for “girls with animal totems on their heads” as she puts it. Perhaps I might even do animals with animal totems on their heads too! It was also a great idea to use a sketch, cut it out and combine with another painting. I’d definitely do something like this again soon. And meanwhile. we love more Hello Kitty art especially featuring Little One!

Click here for more about Juliette Crane and her amazing classes!

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