Ginger Violet Eyes

Another busy week! But it hasn’t stopped me from getting creative for a few hours each day. Working on a few art projects at a time, getting them complete one at a time and trying to find the spare time to write about them. Today, however, I would like to briefly share another digital piece I created the other day.

Tweaking an Old Painting

The origins of this piece are actually from Ginger Green Eyes, as below. Remember her? At the time I had completed it, I was not entirely sure if it was “complete” in a strict sense of the word. What more was there to add? Or change? Although I liked the painting as it was, I wanted to dig deeper and see what else was possible. And this is where digital painting comes in. Great way to alter and recreate to a new painting with the touch of your fingers and Apple Pencil as will be explained shortly.

From Green to Violet

So what’s first? Let’s start with the background! Ditch the blue and neon pen doodles by hiding the relevant layers but keep the window patterns and incorporate some pink stamps on top. I also got rid of the table and replaced that with some leafy green prints so the cat is this time looks as if she’s lying tummy down in the fields and leaning on grass. The neon pen doodles were replaced by some white marks. Finally, I switched the colors of the eyes from green to violet by simply dragging the desired color to the area as auto-fill. Et voilà!

This was just a quick demonstration to show you how amazing digital art is. By just tweaking and switching colors and textures, you can alter a painting easily. And it’s so much fun! So much fun it was this time that I might like to do some more like this; whilst keeping the cat as basis, just play around and experiment and come up with different permutations of the same subject. Can’t wait to try some more!

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