Ginger Green Eyes

Enjoying working with digital painting again! It’s great when you just want to sit and relax but still want to get creative without getting all messy with paint. Here we have another kawaii digital piece from a few months ago… and it’s a ginger cat again! And today she’s got these gorgeous green eyes that glow.

Pencil Sketch

As usual, I began with a pencil sketch. It was important for me to try drawing the cat in different poses, keeping in mind those practice sessions I had in my little sketchbook some time ago. I do tend to struggle a bit with proportion and symmetry of the eyes but after trials ams errors I’ve finally been able to produce something to my liking. Ginger is sitting at a table and leaning her hands on it. How cute is that so far!

Getting Furry

One of the things I love about working with Procreate, the app with which I create my digital art, is being able to play around with various techniques. Creating interesting textures is one of them. Lately I’ve been interested in the brushes specifically for fur which is perfect when you want to paint animals. I highly recommend the set that digital artist Eldar Zakirov has created, simply called “Fur”. Just to give you an idea of what a furry texture looks like, here is the start of the filling in. Detailed Tufts #1 was chosen for this piece.

More Texture Play

Once I was happy with the full fur, I went about the rest of the painting. Another visual effect in digital art I like to play around with is glow, using neon light pens and brushes. The Lights set are great for this. First I experimented with Ginger’s eyes using Light Pen, and wow! Loving the green mixture. Then the background. Color was shifted to cornflower blue on which I introduced more texture: Yellow desk layered with “All Over Dry Strokes” in brown for that woodsy appearance and then some pink “Windows” in the background for that criss-cross pattern, whilst incorporating some Linear Light as blending mode. Further play again with the neon light pen by doodling some flowers and a heart in pink. And here we go!

I told you digital art is so much fun! Being able to try out a vast range of possibilities and create with just a tablet and stylus makes it all the more convenient too. This experiment with the fur texture brushes was also a success but I need to practice more of course. I do look forward to more! Meanwhile doesn’t our Ginger look adorable in her stunning green eyes?

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