Sixties Siren

So what’s your favorite decade or era in history? Mine is the Sixties! And more particularly the late-60s. It was the time of change, liberation and expression. Perhaps not all the effects were good in the long term, but it sure paved the way for the youth movement. I myself was born in the mid-sixties, and looking at old photographs of those times makes me wonder what it would have been like to be a teenager then. The music, cars and most of all the fashion: the makeup, hair and the clothes! Love that winged eyeliner, tousled hair and the mini-dresses in bold patterns. And now I wanted to capture Little One in such a style, all cute and flower power!

Retro Background

This inspiration gave me the opportunity to experiment with digital painting again and play around with all those cool brushes. First the lime green background color followed by the first layer of Electricity with the lights brushes. I first went for pink then switched it to a yellow using the blending mode. Just loving that tie-dyed effect!

Little One Appears

Then with my usual Medium Airbrush, I went about sketching my Little One. A different layer was allocated for each part to facilitate changing shape, size or location. Only the cute dress was drawn in Moist Wax Crayon from one of my crayon brushes in fluorescent pink. Adding as much volume as possible to the hair, I also incorporated the Flowing Hair brush and blended in various browns. Looking good so far!

Flower Power!

However, the Late-60s is not complete without some flowers of course! The headband and the pink dress were then both embellished with some. Clip masked the dress, added a new layer and scattered some pink and orange Daisy’s from the Vintage brushes. The same applied to the headband. And now the textures begin with some flowers drawn in with a neon pen followed by a white boa collar with Fur #4 from the Fur brushes.

Further Texture

More of the Daisy’s were further added on the headband for more fullness. And now ready for some 60s bling! I painted in the eyelashes with some silver glitter pen from the Lights brushes followed by a smudge of Star Trail with an Overlay from the blending mode. Finally the big flower on the forehead was doodled on with Flame 2 once again from the Lights brushes after which I selected Color Dodge from the blending mode. And now, I think I’m done with my Sixties Siren!

Again so much fun with digital painting! The Procreate app gives so much flexibility and a range of options to work with. In particular I enjoy playing around with the various textures and visual effects available since I love a lot of vividness. And Little One is so much fun work with! How cute and pretty she looks in that eye-catching outfit. Even I would love to get hold of one myself!

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