Glamorous Ginger

Back to some digital art again! Apart from the existing brushes available on Procreate, I have been adding some other ones particularly to introduce texture in my work. One of them is the Fur brushes designed by an artist called Eldar Zakirov. Curious about this person, I looked him up on Google. He is amazing! Although his style is a stark contrast to mine (his being dark and mysterious vs mine being bright and kawaii), I love all the fine details and textures. The ones that caught my eye depicted animals including lots of cats. And all fantasy too, ie. cats dressed in human attire. No wonder then about the Fur brushes! And so I was inspired…

The Fur

Just to give you an idea, here is what happens when the Fur brush is incorporated. I firstly made a brief “pencil sketch” of my idea. Just a simple one of a kawaii kitty in a fancy dress surrounded by flowers. Then I filled in the face and tail directly with the Fur brushes. In the past, I used to fill in the color first then layer the fur on top but I think directly applying the Fur looks more effective. Let’s make our kitty all ginger and gorgeous then! So what do you think of this furriness?

The Bling Cat

Whilst I’m experimenting with different textures, why not also introduce others like lights and metallics? So here goes: gold crown with Gold Rush brush foil pen, fluorescent pink dress with Crayon brush and wow-green eyes with Neon Light Pen. For the white collar, I went for another Fur brush in the set to achieve that Boa look. Wow what a diva of a cat she has become!

The Flowers and Moon

I then expanded the size of the subject to fill up the space a bit more before incorporating some bling on the kitty. As you can see, I’ve spread some glitter on the crown and eyelashes. The flowers were colored in with the usual airbrush, but the moon was filled in firstly with Flame and Bloom from the lights brushes followed by Electricity on top. So far looking great!

More Texture

Once I was happy with the basic painting, it was time to change the background! How about a teal shade which compliments the ginger cat? From that came some texture stamps followed by some pebbly spots on the bottom area. Further textures were also incorporated in the flowers such as polka dots for the yellow one and glitter for the purple one. And now I think we have it, a Glamourous Ginger Cat!

I love playing around with the numerous options available on Procreate, especially when adding on more brushes. The sky’s the limit! Inspired with some of the animal paintings of Zakirov, I’d definitely love to practice more on painting furry creatures. This was a good start. Can’t wait to be painting more soon! Meanwhile this ginger kitty looks ever so pretty and colorful in her fancy outfit surrounded by so much summer energy…

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