Princess Pink Ears

Another kawaii painting I made the other day whilst following Juliette Crane’s Serendipity I classes! This unit is “Adding More Depth and Scene” in which, as the title implies, we focus more on creating depth and details in our paintings whilst using the same tools and mediums we’ve been using up to now in the classes. That said, we go a step further and once again step beyond our comfort zone, and here I decided to create another imaginary character. Is it a pink teddy bear? Or a rabbit disguised as something? Or even Little One trying on another one of her kawaii costumes again?

The Start

As usual, we begin with playing around with the mediums we have at hand to create our background. This one begins with some random collage papers being glued onto a square canvas board (actually a gesso board): wrapping tissues, paper napkins and a page from an old book. White empty spaces are then filled in with blocks of paint and more collage paper till we have a random melange of shapes and colors. Too pretty to paint over but maybe we can make it all even prettier!

Developing the Character

I just plunged straight into my imaginary character and see what would happen. Initially, I thought of painting Little One again, but throughout the class Juliette had this idea of trying a different pose for the character. Our characters are usually standing up, but for a change, how about lying down, crouching or sitting? And hence I decided an alternative; whilst she is crouching, how about some round teddy bear-style ears? And even cuter with a crown on top. And just for fun, I added the cottontail similar to a bunny’s tail! For the face, I firstly glued on an oval-shape collage from a Japanese newspaper page for the face and then painted on top. The body was sketched with a marking pencil and filled in gold. Let’s see what happens with the rest!

Developing Further

My imaginary character is looking cute so far! Once I was happy with her, I firstly focussed on the background, making the sky a dark blue and the bottom sap green. The ears and the crown were painted in. I was somewhat not very happy with the background though, and later on worked on it further once I was done with the character

Finishing Touches

I decided to cover up a few places I didn’t like, ie. the yellow circles on the grass (intending to be drawn as flowers) were painted over and now a path from the house was introduced. The roof of the house was painted red to match the animal print. Luckily, I left the animal print collage on the right hand side and made them into flowers, resulting in a more balanced composition. The outfit was embellished with some Ranger’s Stickles Gel with little stars in it, and some pink Izink Diamond glitter paint was applied on the ears. And finally, I added on some gold sequins on the crown. Et voilà!

Although this lesson called for adding more depth and scene, I hope I was able to fulfill them! The focal point here though is this new mysterious character, so cute and whimsical. Today’s newcomer I shall call Princess Pink Ears then! Following Juliette’s classes certainly helps me broaden my own imagination and gets me more creative by coming up with various characters I would have never thought of. Can’t wait to do the next lesson and see what else we can come up with!

Click here for more about Juliette Crane and her amazing classes!

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