Taiko Drummer

Aw so cute! Following the amazing performance of the Yamato Drummers of Japan early last week, I was so awed by it that I made a doodle sketch about it in my sketchbook. Details of this you will see in an earlier blog. And below is the “brainstorming” sketch I made. Little One is having a go at all the drumming and enjoying the various traditional instruments too such the shamisen and shinobue. How much cuter can I illustrate what fun she’s having!

Then a few days later, I thought a kawaii pencil sketch (dessin) would be an idea. It has after all been quite some time since grabbing some graphite pencils, and I figured I could do with some practice with light and shade techniques. A set of Caran d’Ache Graphite Line pencils is most recommended; it comes in 15 different lead softness ranging from 4H to 9B. Spent the entire day sketching away at Little One as a Taiko drummer. A great practice too with drawing the side view of her for a change!

Far from perfect but still cute. I’ll need to practice more with light/shade techniques but I’m getting the hang of it. All I want to do is just enjoy sketching away and being able to create another image of Little One. Next, I might try a painting or digital form of my Yamato Drummers series. Great to go back to my Japanese roots again and create more kawaii stuff!

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