Just Springing Around

Time for some positive vibes again! Last few weeks I was not in best mood with the ongoing drama about the sale of the apartments falling through. We’ve since relisted one of them on the market and had a few viewings already. Great start! Now sitting and waiting to see what happens. Not much I can do, but instead of wasting energy on anger and anxiety why not use it on something happy? Like painting kawaii stuff of course! And now for some art journaling. How about some pun to start with: A Spring-time theme with multiple images of Little One springing around the page!

Collage and Stamps

Sketchbook used was a small-sized A5 one by Strathmore’s. So just a few weeks ago, I got a big fat package of Hello Kitty items which included three small stamps. Thinking what a great idea to use them, I began scattering a few around on the page spread on which I had already glued some random collages of wrapping tissues in pink and flower designs. No idea what the next step would be but I definitely had doodling with my Molotow acrylic markers in mind!

Making my Marks

And now I began doodling some images of LIttle One and one little cat using the Molotow markers. It has been some time since I used them solo, and this was a great opportunity to, particularly as the colors are heavily opaque and pop out even against the magenta paper. Next the eyes were added with some gel pen. The corners of the page spread were then filled in by introducing some blue clouds and green leaves with Holbein’s Acryla gouache paint along with some small pink gel pen flowers. Finally some finishing touches around the empty areas using Ranger’s Stickles glitter gel. And now!

Little One is indeed springing around so cutely! And all amid the Springtime theme. All I wanted to do was to think of kawaii happy things and express them on paper. Somehow flowers and the color pink come to mind and the rest followed with images of cats, Little One and of course a bit of Hello Kitty! When exhausted and not focussed enough to start a proper painting, art journaling like this certainly helps to revive my mojo and get creative again…


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