Garden Girl

Little One loves gardening! A new hobby discovered since moving into her new house. As the spring progresses and the weather for now continues to be warm and sunny, the flowers are blooming even more and the newly-planted mulberry trees are starting to bud. And now, Little One’s got a watering can as a present from her boyfriend and enjoys it as she goes watering away! “But never water when the sun is strong during the day”, he advises, “otherwise you burn the plants”. So she’s told. The best time is just around sunset. She looks so sweet that I had to paint about it!

Pencil Sketch

I was keen on practicing more with digital painting and trying out some texture brushes. With the Procreate Pencil, I began sketching away on my iPad. Little One in her garden overalls and clutching her watering can. So cute!

Color Away!

Once happy with the drawing, I proceeded in filing it in with color. I went for my usual Medium Airbrush this time, but for the overalls, I went for School B Crayon to achieve that washed-out denim look. This was also a great time to try out some textures too. Firstly, I experimented with the White Dot Pattern brush on the blouse (first masking clip to keep it in the blouse). Looks great! The ground was also layered with Tea Towel for that earthy texture. Then I tried to add a metallic effect on the watering can with the AJ Gold Rush brushes but not sure if that worked well for now. We shall see!

More Textures!

I then focused on the background by firstly layering on some yellow Blanched Stamp which resulted in a warmer shade of green. Then some leafy greens from Jason’s Expressive Brushes were scribbled on before switching the blending mode to Divide. How cool, the green leaves turned to a soft white! I then doodled in some pink and yellow flowers on the ground. By playing around with the blending mode again, I ended up with Screen to give the flowers an interesting transparency against the ground. The grey was then added on the watering can and layered on with some silver glitter, and the opening of the can was filled in with small dots with the White Dot Pattern brush. And wow!

What an adorable painting this turned out to be! I do enjoy exploring and experimenting with the various possibilities behind digital painting: Brushes, opacity and blending mode. Need to practice more of course but the objective is to have lots of fun with it. And making it all kawaii and cute makes it all the more exciting! Great example of that seen here as Little One looks ever so sweet and cute mesmerized by her new garden. We love gardening and painting too!

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