Camera Bugs

One of the many things my boyfriend and I have in common is that we appreciate photography! Well, he is more keen than I am; he does it professionally whereas I dabble a bit with it and enjoy creating beauty like I do with my artwork. It has been a while since I last seriously took a camera out (apart from my phone) and snapped away. I love nature and street photography especially when I’m travelling abroad. Of course with the pandemic the past two years, it has all come to a standstill. I’m hoping to pick up where I left off once it gets freer to travel. While I wait, though, how about painting about it?

Merging Two Paintings

Well, I found a perfect opportunity for this! Paintings have indeed been made about me and him holding a camera but they were two separate paintings. I then thought why not have both of us on the same page? Well a bit of a shortcut here. I decided to merge the two together! All I did was find those two previous artwork and combine them with a simple import, copy and paste. That is the beauty of digital art. Here are two of them I had worked on in the past:

Camera Action: This painting as a matter of fact, was recreated when I imported onto Procreate a photograph of a pencil sketch I had made a few years ago. It was then Colored it in and embellished with patterns and textures. Click here for more about it!

Top Photographer: Also imported onto Procreate from another pencil sketch I had done some time ago. Once again I colored it in and pimped it up with some cool details and textures. For more about this one, click here!

Further Remake

Once I imported both of those paintings onto Procreate, I trimmed them so only the characters show up without the background. The easiest way to do this, I found, was to draw around them then Copy and Paste before deleting the original images. Then the tweaking begins. The bunny ears for a start were extended as had been cut off the edges in the original painting. I then went over the colors again for enhancement. Some changes were also made including my outfit and the cameras. Then I worked on the background by adding texture stamps, a bright sun with the Lights brush and crayon-doodled flowers. This painting was kept a bit more simple by not adding too much as I wanted to focus the attention on the characters. And here goes: Me and him as Camera Bugs!

Amazing how it turned out. And how cool is that, firstly recreating from analog drawings to digital paintings and then further recreating by merging two of those new paintings together to make one new one! I ought to do more like this, importing my past artwork and recreating. Another advantage of digital art is being able to tweak it further, ie. changing colors, adding different texture and even switching backgrounds. Now that would be my next project, adopting this painting to different seasons. What an exciting venture that sounds. Meanwhile, I do look forward to the day we Camera Bugs could go out and enjoy photographing again!

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