Gardening Together

So we’re almost there with the new back and front garden! New trees and flowers have been planted and just starting to bloom. Whilst we await the finishing touches and the front gate and small shed to be built, we, especially my boyfriend, have been busy maintaining the green. Plants must be watered for instance. We’re so excited and happy! And hence, I got down to some doodling in my art journal. Just some markers (we love Faber Castell’s Pitt Artist’s Pens), India Ink (Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay Ink range), acrylic ink, a bit of gouache, craft stamps and a selection of collage papers. Among them is some old Hello Kitty and Friends calendar from 2021 which I didn’t have the heart to throw out because it was so cute so I cut bits from it and used them here.

And it’s just me and my boyfriend all in smiles happily watering our plants. I don’t often get to sketch side views and hence this was a great chance to practice it. Luckily it came okay! Should practice more often. As you notice I don’t have any “during” phase photos as I didn’t want to break the flow this time. The process was quite simple this time with just doodling away and adding stamps and collages where fit. It is a pretty simple piece but a wonderful opportunity to experiment and play around with various mediums. Here is a closer view of us together!

And now that the weather warms up more, I am all excited to paint lots of flower-themed stuff and having a go with bright vivid colors more. Lots of sweet happy artwork coming up, both in paintings, drawings and journaling. Can’t wait to share here so you can enjoy!

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