Teddies in Love

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend went on his skiing holidays in Switzerland with his two grown sons. And so sweet of him, he then brought me some lovely presents upon his return! Among a few of the goodies was a pretty Swarovski crystal figurine of two teddy bears holding a heart and a flower. So cute were these teddies together that I decided to do a little painting of it!

Digital Sketch

Well I have to admit I’m not very good at making a painting of glass although I’ve taken some lessons drawing a vase or bottle in one of my classes. It is not easy! And thus for now, I figured a vague animated version of this lovely gift would be a good start. All I did was sketch one teddy using a Procreate pencil, then duplicating and vertically flipping the second copy before adding the flower.

Coloring Them In

Time to color them in now! First the Teddy’s were filled in using the Medium Airbrush, one a darker brown than the other. I thought some Neon colors (part of the Lights add-on brush package) would be stunning for the red heart and pink flower. The background color was then changed to a light turquoise blue which goes really well with the entire picture.

Finishing Up

After merging all the layers pertaining to the two teddies, I set about expanding them to fill in the square background more. Some stamp brushes in a darker blue was firstly introduced in the background. Then some some gold glitter was sprinkled around the top area (Gold Rush add-on brush) followed by some other texture brushes I wanted to experiment with. I didn’t want to add too much on the background since I wanted the main focus on the two teddies. And now!

Another great practice with digital painting! The more I work on it, the funner it gets. Although I love the way the painting looks now, I may in future like to tweak the background more, something that’s possible with digital art, ie a different color or details. I might even add some texture to the teddy’s too. And of course one day, I would like to make a proper painting of the crystal figure itself with the shining glass and the different facets. But for now, here is my kawaii painting of two teddies in love!

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