Kitz Girl

Who else has been watching on Netflix Inventing Anna? I have! Before Inventing Anna was a German-Austrian Netflix series called Kitz, named after a posh skiing resort in Austria called Kitzbuhel, otherwise known as the Aspen of Europe. It features a group of poor little rich kids indulging in their opulent lifestyle and all the drama behind it. Let’s admit it: I quite find it fascinating yet amusing to watch some folks display obscene signs of wealth as it makes us grateful for what we already have and that money doesn’t buy happiness. So just for a laugh, I thought I’d create a Little One version of these rich kids. Not sure if Little One herself was very comfortable with it as she is actually quite down-to-earth…

Bling Background

The idea actually began when I wanted to test my recently-bought (at the time) glitter brushes on Procreate called “AJ Gold Rush”. Complete with a variety of foil and glitter brushes and a swatch of metallic colors to match, the set was too difficult to resist! These are a few of the possibilities I tried below such as Glitter Calligraphy, Sparkles, Crackled Foil, Confetti, etc. Of course the best background color to test it on is black!

Introducing Little One

Ready now to paint in our main character here, Little One! Here, I just used my usual Medium Airbrush as I find it gives a good solid result. For the hair, though, I incorporated some retouch tool called Flowing Hair to give her some fluffiness. Another brush worth trying out here is the Neon Tube in the add-on Lights series, used for the eyelashes and necklace. So far so cute!

Pretty in Pink

So far so cute! However, I decided to switch her outfit from red to pink. All I had to do was drag with the pencil the desired color swatch to the area, and it will automatically fill it in. Now that’s better! Yet another add-on brush I found interesting to use was the “28 Realistic Fur Brush” which I used on the outfit. Once I merged together all the layers pertaining to Little One, I expanded her in size so she’d fill the paper up more. A dog was then introduced (how could we forget this “fashion accessory”?) as well as a heart, and there I also incorporated some fur texture for fun. And now we’re talking!

Finishing Touches

More experimenting with the Light and Gold Rush sets of brushes! The leash was then drawn in followed by some neon light to give more bling. Wow even the doggy’s eyes are lightened up! Then I carefully wrote “LOVE” on the heart with the neon tube. How cool is that! Seeing that the background could do with more, I scribbled away with some Metallic foils, confetti and sparkles, even sprinkling Little One’s hair with some glitter! And now, I think we are really ready to party now!

What fun this was! And any excuse to try my new brushes out! Adding texture and glimmer makes the painting more interesting, and I am so glad I bought those sets. It’s worth the investment! I also like introducing some bling into my analog artwork using metallic colors, fluorescent shades and glitter to enhance creativity. So why not with digital art too? I’ll definitely be using these tools again. With quite a wide range to choose from, my experiment is far from over!

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