Last Weekend

Boyfriend went off skiing with his two grown-up sons last Thursday and is back late tonight. It is now Tuesday. Although I’ve been missing him loads, it was also great to have some time and space for myself for a change! It gave me some time to recharge alone and be able to do my own thing whatever it is and whenever I want. I spent much of the weekend tidying up my stuff, enjoying rmy Hello Kitty collection, catching up with artwork, blogging and lots of Netflix in the evening to chill. Among my activities, I did some art journaling for fun, starting from some leftover paint already scribbled on a page spread of a small sketchbook.

And this is a sweet little entry I made, him skiing and me staying at home relaxing with my Hello Kitty’s and watching the garden get rebuilt. Plus Spring is soon to come so why not some foliage? I worked around what I had first with some Molotow acrylic markers, then some watercolor for the sky and the ski cabin. I used some rubber stamps and Ranger’s Distress Oxide but didn’t like the result of it and then covered it up with a collage of paper napkins with leafy patterns. The stenciled leaves, though, looked good so I left as is. Along came some glitter glue and pens, followed by some washi tape and small stickers of Hello Kitty, Pochacco and a teddy bear. And cute does that look now!

So much fun is art journaling as it gives me the chance to re-energize and stimulate more creativity in me. It also lets me doodle whatever comes to mind and develop it further, thus creating something cute! It’s a little break for me between my more intensive painting sessions. And let me add that there are quite a lot of stickers, washi tapes, scrap collage paper and other miscellaneous tools I have not been using for quite some time. Here is a great opportunity to get creative with them too! And I am definitely looking forward to more journaling but above all, I can’t wait to see my boyfriend coming home safely tonight!

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