Super Cat Day

It just came to my attention that today is Super Cat Day in Japan! I only discovered it when I was following Hello Kitty on my Line app. Thank you, Kitty-chan! And why does it fall on this particular day? As you notice, today’s date comes in twos: 22/2/2022. The Japanese word for “two” is “ni”, and whilst in the West cats meow, cats in Japan say nyaan instead. And hence this particular day is a very special moment for our feline friends! I really wanted to paint about it.

Seeing I had no time to do so at such a short notice, I ended up looking for old paintings and drawings I made of cats. It was very difficult coming up with the best one as I love them all! And so I made a random selection of seven paintings from the past and made a collage out of them. Did my best to choose a variety in terms of colors, sizes, composition and mediums. And of course I added my little sketch of our informant, Hello Kitty! How could I not? For those with cats, I hope you’ve enjoyed this special and very rare day as 22 February 2022 won’t happen ever again.

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