Not Again…

Last Thursday, I was supposed to visit my old apartment which I finally thought I had sold after 18 months on the market. It was to be the day I was going to give the keys to the new owners, get paid, put it all behind me and move on. The Buyer though has been postponing that delivery date over and over again. Although he is very keen to buy the apartment and clearly has the means to do so, some red tape issues has been hindering the process of getting his funds released quickly. I was very much looking forward to last Thursday when we finally set the date. Just the day before, though, I got a phone call from the realtor telling me that the Buyer needs to extend the date for another two months! Of course I was very upset. Who wouldn’t be? I’m sure the Buyer is as annoyed as I am because he wants to move in as soon as possible.

I was numb with shock as soon as I received the news, and for the next 24 hours I lost all motivation to think positively. My boyfriend tried consoling me, though, and helped me a great deal. As I was sobbing in tears and was in no condition to think rationally, he even contacted the realtor on my behalf to discuss financial arrangements with the Buyer who agreed that he has until 1 April to come up with 10% of the buying price to guarantee that this indeed is the final extension. What a sweetheart! And of course, rather than spend my time moping about it in anger, disbelief and sadness, I thought I’d express myself by painting again! That evening I grabbed my iPad and scribbled away…

And although the frustration is still there, it is not as bad as before. Painting certainly helped me deal with the anger. For this piece, I went back to using the airbrush, first drawing myself. Then I added details with various texture brushes including “White Dot Pattern” for the dress and a variety for the background. The background was not to be too elaborate as I wanted to focus on my emotional expression. And here it is! Although I do feel much better as time passes, I have to admit I’m still unhappy about the situation and hence, I expect to be painting or sketching a bit more about it. So bear with me for a while please!

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