Happy Valentines 2022!

Hoping you are all having a wonderful romantic Valentines Day! Quickly sharing with you here a kawaii digital painting I prepared especially for this day. For the first time, I experimented with FTOON Crayon brushes I had also purchased as add-on, and what fun it was to work with! The set also comes with its own swatches which I happily used. Look how sweet it all looks, bringing me back childhood memories. A variety of crayon “brush” types are available on this set giving me a range of choices to work with and create something cute:

And now I wanted to elaborate on the background a bit and began playing around with the crayons more. First however, I added some pink “texture stamps” whilst keeping the background color white. Then some hearts were doodled in with different kinds of crayons. At one point, I also experimented with the lighting effects and turned the lettering into “Hard Light”. And here we are again, another sweet romantic digital painting!

I am loving this soft rough texture of the crayons and will definitely be using it in my kawaii illustrations again soon. Amazing how much possibilities Procreate offers. And now I need to quickly get ready for our sweet romantic dinner tonight. Enjoy your Valentines Day!

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