Happy New Year 2022!

Despite a rather subdued time of the year again, I wanted to share quickly mixed media painting I made yesterday. The Netherlands is now under lockdown till mid-January which sucks of course, but I guess it’s for the best. Getting too old to go out and party anyway, we are just happy staying in and chilling indoors by the fireplace. Here then, is another excuse to paint away to cheer ourselves up!

The Beginning

With some neon oil pastels, I scribbled in on a piece of A3 watercolor paper a message. It’s the Year of the Tiger in 2022 and thus incorporated the Chinese Character for it (虎). As for neon pastels, I used Faber Castell’s, and for paper it was Canson’s.

Building the Background

On top of the writing comes a series of harmonious color blocks with some acrylic inks: Naples Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Emerald Green, Cerulean Blue and Marine Blue. Once dry, some collages of wrapping tissues in pinks, purple and green were randomly applied. On purpose, I left the center part of the paper collage-free as will be adding my characters there. So far so good!

It’s Us Again!

Once everything was dry, time to add us! I first cut out circles out of newspapers for our faces, an idea I had adopted from artist and tutor Juliette Crane. For fun, I used Japanese-language paper for myself and Dutch for my BF! As you can see here, the circles then get painted on to make faces. Quinacridone azo nickel gold and titanium white were blended to create a flesh tone, again another idea of Juliette’s. I meanwhile introduced some stencilled circles in the background to merge the color blocks together. The hair was painted on with oil pastel and acrylic ink before sketching he rest of us with black marking pencil. To soften the background more, I rolled on a bit of white paint with a brayer. What a brilliant idea that was!

Dressing Up

I colored in the eyes firstly with some heavy body acrylic paint by Liquitex. For my eyes, it was a mixture of Pyrrole Red and Emerald Green, and for him Brilliant Blue, followed by white Molotow marker for the whites of the eyes. The lashes I firstly lined with black glitter pen before tracing over them with glitter glue. And the outfits: traced the outlines with the tip of the ink dropper and spread inwards with a wet brush for a transparent finish, Primary Red for me and Blue for him. Once dry, I tapped on some glitter paint by Artist & Co., in red and blue respectively. The crowns were then painted on using gold acrylic in and lined with gold glitter blue. And now!

I must say not bad for a mixed media painting completed in a day! Normally I take at least two days to get it perfect. I decided not to make t too perfect for this occasion, though. In fact, the point of this painting is that I had fun doing it and also that me and my BF are depicted as cute happy together! And yes, this will indeed be my last painting I’m writing about for 2021. Tomorrow will be another day and another year. So Happy New Year’s to all, and hope 2022 will bring a healthier and more prosperous Year of the Tiger!

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