Quiet Celebration

We are soon approaching the New Year but sadly celebrations are likely to be subdued again this year. Until mid-January, we are sadly in lockdown with all party venues shut as well as with restricted number of house visitors. We must stay positive though! As such, I thought a cute painting of Little One would cheer us all up. She too wishes she could go out and celebrate with friends, but rather than mope around feeling sorry for herself, she decided to dress up in her favorite sparkly pink dress and pearls to lift her spirits!

Polka Dots and Fur

Actually, this painting began by testing out my new Procreate add-ons. Two additional brushes were recently purchased again, one being “White Dot Pattern” and the other “Fur”. I was just trying them out in various brush thickness and types, then thought why don’t I develop something out of these scribbles?

Little One Added

The background color was switched to black. So what did I choose to paint? Little One of course! I used the Dry Square Inker for this. Included in the Lights add-on Brushes I also had previously bought come a swatch of fluorescent colors which I of course am more than excited to use, especially my favorite pink. For fun, I drew her lashes and added some streaks in her hair with a Neon Tube brush from the Lights range. So far so cute!

Adding Bling

I then decided to enlarge Little One and reposition her diagonally. And now for some bling! How about some glitter? These brushes are, once again, another set of add-ons I had purchased called “Gold Rush”. First I incorporated some onto Little One’s dress, followed a light touch on her hair. Hearts were then doodled in with a variety of these glitter brushes. For the best effect, I was advised by the brush creator to first draw in black, then apply clipping mask before sprinkling the area with glitter. And here we are!

Another fun experiment with new brushes! I love the bright and shiny effects, particularly with the black background. And Little One, of course, looks ever so adorable in her sparkly pink dress! As I love using glitter and neon colors in my artwork, I am so pleased to see this is also possible in digital art. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more like this. We hope meanwhile that things will get better amid the pandemic and we can go back to being able to safely celebrate future New Years!

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