Black Cat Triplets

And another of my Halloween-themed artwork! This time in digital form. Once again, it starts with further exploring possibilities with Procreate, practicing what I had learned from lessons and coming up with a cute painting. I was in a “cat” mood as usual today and thought I’d incorporate some. And with Halloween along the way, why not some black cats?

Orange Background

As I mentioned in my previous blog, orange is a color I hardly use. My preferences lie in pinks as you noticed, but with this Halloween theme in mind, I made myself promise to avoid pink and go for orange instead. It was worth the challenge as I then discovered the beauty of orange by firstly starting with a light shade of it! Another introduction was a set of add-on brushes I had purchased online. These are a series from Jason Heeley and Lisa Glanz which range from watercolor brushes to texture stamps. As first layer, I tried out a few for my background. So far so fun!

The Black Cat

I added another layer and started with the cat’s head, followed by the body as another layer and yet another for the tail. The reason I separate them is that I might like to change the proportion of the parts. For instance, I like the head rather big and the tail reasonably long with the limbs short and round. The layers were then merged once I was happy with how the cat looked. One tip I suggest is duplicating your work if you’re happy about how it looks now yet want progress further. That way, you always have the original which you can use as a template in future or just keep it as is. I, for instance, love how it looks now and one day might like to work on it to produce another piece.

We Have Triplets!

And there is a reason why I duplicated this piece. Although I like the single cat, I also had the duplicate with which I copied and pasted the cat twice to create a trio, then put them in a straight line and merged them together as one layer. They were then moved diagonally across the paper and resized a bit so they fit perfectly. How cute is that! Seeing that more could be added to the background, I went back to the first layer and started adding some yellow watercolor paints and some speckled texture, once again experimenting with the newly-purchased brushes and texture stamps.

Details Using Masking

I was juggling with the idea of leaving the painting as it is or adding a few details. On one hand, I thought the silhouette of the cats was cool. More could also be added, on the other hand. Then I came up with this bright idea of “cutting out” some parts of the silhouette and creating some negative space! I used the masking method rather than the eraser in this case as it made it easier to “unmask” areas that went wrong. I also used the autoshape option for the roundness and straight lines by holding the pencil down. And now…. isn’t this cool? And cute?

I love how this turned out! It resembles a bit of those silhouette cut-outs from street artists. And this background came out amazing with the orange, followed by the reds and yellows to create a fiery look. Very Halloween indeed! And now, I’m very much looking forward to using orange more often, especially as it’s autumn now when orange becomes the new pink. Another to look forward to is painting digitally more and seeing what other amazing stuff I can come up with the new brushes and stamps!


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