See You Next Spring!

Another flower painting! Just a quick colored pencil drawing I wanted to share here. A few days ago I received my long-awaited box of Holbein’s Artists’ Colored Pencils, this time in just pastel colors. It’s not often pastels tints are available in colored pencils and hence go very excited, especially since they came in 50 different colors! Yes, imagine. Pastels only! In my existing box of 150, though, these are included but I know these will be used more than the others. So why not indulge in some extras separately?

So let me show you what pastel-tints in colored pencil form look like on white paper. Well, they didn’t appear as “pastel” as I was hoping, but I sure love how vividly they turn out. Holbein colored pencils are also known for its high quality. A combination of oil and wax based, they are highly pigmented and hence give a strong “creamy” look on paper. No need to press to hard. I have to say therefore, I’m pleased with the outcome.

Now that we approach the cooler months, pastel colors may be cast aside till the Spring. I certainly hope not! As for the pretty flowers, the cooler weather shouldn’t stop me from painting them from time to time although it is time to say goodbye to them as they disappear from our garden for now. The drawings may look a bit too summery on white paper, but this is a good chance to create something stunning on colored and black paper, flowers or otherwise. That is certainly something to look forward to! So watch this space.

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