Farewell Flowers

It’s 20 September, nearly the end of the month already! Autumn should be here but as it’s been quite a warm month, I’ve hardly noticed any signs of the season approaching. And no wonder I am still in the mood to paint flowers! I just love the look of them, not to mention the beautifully vivid colors. Why don’t I just make the most of it then while it all lasts for 2021? Today, I’m sharing with you another floral painting, this time in digital form! A great way to get more practice with doodling on my iPad.

Various Flowers

The painting begins with a square blank “sheet”. Grabbing various shades of pink, I randomly doodled in flowers in different shapes and forms, ensuring that each flower was accompanied by a different layer so we could later play around with positioning, forms and sizes. Standard medium here is airbrush, by firstly drawing it and then having the colors auto-filled in.

Patterns of Flowers

Some of these flowers, once all painted in, were then expanded in size and moved around till I was happy with the composition. Apart from painting, I do like to experiment with the various pre-set patterns and effects available on the Procreate app. This was a great opportunity! Among the effects I went for included: Storm Bay, Clay, Glimmer, Bokeh and Grunge. Could you tell which is what? Another thing I played around with was the Light effects for the colors.

The Background

Although I normally paint backgrounds first, I preferred this time to wait till I saw how the flowers turned out before deciding. Green of course was the logical choice, seeing it compliments the pink flowers. Seeing that it may look a bit plain, I added a new layer above the background and once again used some of the effects. Paper Daisy was chosen, and with a lighter green shade I spread it all over the background. Et voilà!

Another simple yet catchy painting! I love how the various pinks pop out against the greens, and how the pre-set effects enhance it even more both for the flowers and the background. Experimenting with digital art is so much fun! Whenever I don’t have the time during the day to draw and paint on paper or canvas, I use the opportunity in the evenings to sit and play around with the app. Helps me relax after a long day, especially when I end up creating something unexpected. With more practice and experimenting, I will certainly be churning out more, so watch this space!


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