Pebbly Pink Bear

A bit of a practice with digital painting today! This time, I thought it would be fun to explore some color effects. For instance, what happens when I start playing around with them on my favorite color, pink? More specifically, just using one shade of pink. Procreate has a number of options available for that which got me curious. With a Teddy Bear in mind, I set about my little experiment.

Twirling Pebbles

I began with a photograph of a bunch of grey pebbles I had taken earlier. Then with the Liquify function, I twirled the center of the photo around. How cool is that!

Teddy Bear Emerges!

Whilst I continued using the same light pink, I drew the parts of the Teddy in separate layers, starting with the head, then the body, then the eyes. For each layer I incorporated different color effects as illustrated in the photo. Head was in Overlay mode, then the body in Hard Mix, followed by the eyes in Linear Burn and finally the whites of the eyes in Screen. A simple painting but the color effects were just amazing!

All You Need is Love

Seeing that Teddy would look a bit lonely in the painting, I added some hearts also in the same Light Pink. Switching it to Linear Burn, though, produced another effect. It did not turn into the same pink as the eyes but got darker! A likely explanation of this could be that the pink was directly added on the grey pebbles rather than on Teddy’s pink face. How interesting is that! And here is my pretty little Pebbly Pink Bear…

A wonderful start for experimenting with color effects! There were other options available which I would also like to experiment with. For this painting though, I selected what worked best. In future, I may like to try them all in one painting to demonstrate the amazing possibilities. This kawaii Pebbly Pink Teddy has definitely got me started!

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