Cap and Bag

Little One loves dressing up to go out. Even if she doesn’t go out, she enjoys rummaging through her extensive wardrobe to see what else she can wear within the next few days when she’s out and about Trying stuff on and mixing and matching is part of the fun as you can imagine! Today, she found an old baseball cap she had bought whilst on some sunny holidays years ago. Then there is that elegant leather handbag she had picked up during a shopping trip to Italy with her mother. What fun memories! They certainly go very well with her cute little frock. So kawaii indeed I had to take my sketchbook and pencils to draw about it!

As well as exploring this kawaii theme, it was another chance to refresh myself with some proper pencil sketching. A great way to practice light and shade techniques! From time to time, I am in the mood to just grab some pencils and a sketchbook go back to the basics. The techniques are still a challenge for me but I must say it’s quite relaxing too. Here I used my usual set of Caran d’Ache 15 Graphite Line along with my Canson’s Dessin Sketchpad. Pencil sketching is so much fun, and it is important to always seal it with some fixative spray. Doesn’t Little One ever so adorable in her cute cap and pretty handbag? Can’t wait to sketch her again!

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