April Snow

The first week of April, and it actually snowed in the Netherlands! Apparently also in Germany and the UK, according to my friends who live there. I have been so busy lately with organizing our new home with very little time to sit in front of the computer and blog, although I have only been managing to set an hour or two aside with painting a bit. What an ongoing process! With a bit of luck, we hope to be ready by the end of the month. And just by chance, I found a drawing I made some weeks ago whilst testing and practicing more on some black paper. It’s Little One drawn in greyscale colored pencils on black paper, giving an impression of a snowy winter. And what more appropriate timing could this be to share it here!

Greyscale Pencils

On my ArtGecko sketchbook of black paper, I incorporated some color swatches from my set of greyscale pencils by Koh i Noor. The shades were divided into cool and warm. To be honest, I really couldn’t see much marked differences among the various greys on black paper, although on white paper the difference is more visible. Perhaps if I start drawing something using these pencils, it might help?

Little One Emerges

I proceeded drawing and coloring Little One. Warm shades were used on her face and hair, whereas her dress was colored in cool shades. I tried to use all the colors in the set as much as I can, also blending them. What a challenge that was! When drawing on black paper especially with grey, almost white, shades, I had to think in reverse; the darker you want (ie shading), the less color, and similarly the lighter you want (ie highlights) you used more especially whiter colors. It’s kind of like photo negatives isn’t it? Here is my first attempt at it!

Well I have to say this first attempt was not that bad. Little One turned out really cute which is most important! More practice the better of course. I had so much fun with this challenge, and I’ll definitely do it again using greyscale chalk and pastels as well as colored pencils. Look forward to it, something to go for in between my hectic schedule!

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