Bunny Surprised

Unfortunately with the current situation we can’t fully celebrate Christmas properly. No parties, no get-togethers. And this also holds for this coming New Years sadly. But this doesn’t stop us from painting cheerful themes, wishing that things were more festive… like this bunny! I wonder why she looks so surprised.

Intuitive Beginnings

The painting actually began with aimlessly applying paint on my sketchbook. A bit of acrylic inks here and there, at some point blowing the ink with a straw. Some mark-making with stamping on some bubble-wrap prints. Then some collages using paper napkins

It’s Going to be a Bunny!

From here I knew what I wanted… a bunny! So I developed into a negative space piece using some cobalt blue paint.

Adding Some Bling

Just added some glitter glue and doodles around the background with white acrylic marker. And here it is, my Party Bunny!

By the time I painted this piece, it was the first time in weeks since doing some mixed media. As such I was slowly easing myself into it which may explain why it’s a bit more quick and simple compared to my usual style. Perhaps I’ll go back to it one day and work on it more but for now, I would leave it as I do like it. It goes with the current somber mood…

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