Tiny Little Elves

My first Christmas-themed painting for this year! It’s also been a while since doing some digital painting which was a nice change especially when relaxing in the evening in front of the TV. This week has been a bit chaotic with the attic being converted, and now that it’s done and a few weeks waiting for the walls to get plastered, I can finally relax more. So this week, look forward to more painting!

Layer One: First the Christmas Trees using the color fill feature.

Layer Two: Then scattering some Clay on the ground and some Luminance in the sky.

Layer Three: With colorfill I painted in the kawaii Elves and some Christmas decorations on the trees

Layer Four: Elves Hair were drawn using Fine Hair which is in the touch-up feature followed by eyes and other finer details with white gel pen. Also added some Glimmer lights…

Layer Five: Final touch using Flare for effect. And now…

A short and simple one but oh so kawaii! And what fun it was to draw this. Not often I get the draw my characters so tiny as most of the time they fill up the paper. I should definitely do that more often for some variety. And with the extra time I hope to have around the festive season, I can’t wait to start painting more again. So Happy Christmas, everyone!

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