Chakra Girl

I just started following another tutorial this time by U.S. artist Alena Hennessy. Titled “30 Days of Grace”, she does a spiritual approach to creating art by opening our minds and stimulating our intuitions. She begins Day One by introducing the seven Chakra Points, a traditional concept of Hinduism from India. These points are energy channels in our bodies coinciding with our glands and running along the spine, each radiating a specific colour and energy.

The Seven Chakra Points

I understand (crown)
I see (third eye)
I speak (throat)
I love (heart)
I do (solar plexus)
I feel (sacral)
I am (root)

I then absorbed the information by illustrating it:

The Chakra Points

We were then asked to draw or paint our own Chakra system. As each point corresponds to a certain part of our bodies, I naturally chose Little One as a kawaii inspiration using my markers (Faber Castell’s Pitt Artists Pens) and decided to call her Chakra Girl.

Chakra Girl

How cute is that! When I posted the photo up on the Facebook group for the 30 Days of Grace, I got quite a lot of positive reactions. Many of course thought Little One was so adorable! I completed the Day Two assignment as well and working on Day Three and can’t wait to share what I did!

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