From the Fields

Another digital painting! Just another fun one I made when I got back from our long weekend away in the country side. Getting a bit of a hay fever from being outside. Although I get it every year, I forgot about it as I’ve been indoors all this time and suddenly ventured out into the fields last weekend. And now Little One wants to wave hi to everyone from the field and hopes that you are all keeping safe…

The Beginning

I wanted to go for an outdoors background that was not the usual blue or green so initially went for a pale orange. Then for the first Layer I added the white clouds and green hessian grass. This was followed by drawing the head and red dress in Medium Airbrush as the next layer. After that came the third layer in which I incorporated the hair, eyes and white collar also with the Medium Airbrush.

The Beginning

Gel Pens and Background Change

Layer four involved firstly gel pens. I drew in the whites of the eyes, further streaks in the hair and dots on the lashes. At this point, I decided to make some changes in the background as I was not entirely happy with it. The background colour was firstly switched to a minty green. Then returning to the first layer, I added more clouds, this time in grey and blue.

Background Change

Another Change!

Once again, I still wasn’t satisfied with the green background. I was determined to go for a colour that I rarely use, and green was not one of them. First, though, I doodled in some flowers with white gel pens and some pre-set flower patterns in pink so I could decide which colour would go well. Yellow seemed like the best choice. Initially it was a mustard yellow but I then tried a brighter yellow. And now we’re talking!

From the Fields

I’m really getting into the digital painting again! It’s a great alternative when you’re having a lazy evening in front of the TV wanting to chill. And of course it’s handy when travelling with limited or no art kit. By practicing and using the app more often, I’m hoping to discover more. And doesn’t Little One look so adorable in hr cute red outfit? With frequent practice with digital painting, I’d love to create more kawaii stuff like that!

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