Spooky Faces

No it’s not Halloween but it certainly feels spooky these days with the COVID-19 outbreak and it’s effect on the world. That sense of anxiety, anger, sadness and apprehension. I even created a painting that’s clearly not like me, i.e. a happy and cheerful one I’m afraid. Still, I managed to maintain with a bit of colourful and anime elements in it.

Colour Palette

This painting actually originated as a “palette” to paint another piece, Top of the Rainbow. Dylusions acrylic paints were used then which come in wide-shaped pots and can be messy if applied directly onto the piece you’re working on. I thus needed another surface to spread the brush around before transferring the colour on the paper. Rather than a proper palette, I actually used page from my Strathmore Mixed Media sketchbook for that purpose. That way, I could use that page and develop it into another painting!

My Colour Palette!

Adding More Paint

I was so excited about making something with this “colour palette”! To add variety I had to find colours that were not included in the rainbow shades such as turquoise, pink and pastel shades of violet, blue and yellow. Acrylic inks were used here, and I began painting circles but colouring them in outwards. At this point, I decided to create a negative space painting. The potential was there; you see some faces hidden in this piece?

Adding More Paint

Negative Space

Having inspected the painting closely, I was able to find quite a number of faces lurking around. Quite scary but fun to find! I then began drawing around the faces with a white chalk pencil, discovering new creatures here and there. Once I was happy with my findings, I proceeded in painting in Titanium White acrylic paint.

Creating Negative Space

Finishing Up

For more effect, I traced over, using acrylic ink, some hidden shapes I had covered up with white paint. Some small details were also added to enhance the eyes or make the creatures look more interesting. Then with a white acrylic marker, I dotted and doodles fine details here and there. And finally!

I have to say I enjoyed working on this piece despite the anxious mood I was in. It kept me busy and motivated and gave me pleasure in creating something that is quite different from my usual stuff. I don’t normally for instance draw monster-like creatures as my usual style is kawaii and sweet. Nevertheless I still managed to incorporate some cuteness in these creatures! Having bright vivid colours certainly livened up the painting so it is not so eerie. I am glad to have discovered another side to my creativity and would definitely like to use that again soon!

Spooky Faces!

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