What’s Happening???

Nobody knows what’s happening or more precisely, what’s going to happen. All we know is that there is this nasty outbreak going around, the COVID-19 otherwise known as Corona Virus. As you observed, the whole world is at a standstill. It’s starting to hit Europe badly and now the Netherlands is in danger. No overseas traveling (we were lucky to have been in Cambodia and Japan already this year and returned home safely), schools, restaurants, bars, cafes closed and very little social contact except on-line. And we are urged to stay home. Before we know it, that will legally be enforced. It is to slow down the uncontrollable outbreak so hospitals don’t run out of beds and the ICU gets overwhelmed.

I am now taking refuge at my boyfriend’s place in the countryside. One evening, I was on my own in my apartment just after our trip in Japan, unpacking my goodies as well as my dirty clothes to be washed. I began doodling on my iPad just before bedtime. Having just been back from Japan during the budding Sakura cherry blossom time, I made a drawing of Little One in pink and wearing a blossom n her hair. Black charcoal and coloured in with soft pastels. Then I got a bit lonely, wishing my boyfriend were there with me. We had spent weeks together traveling, being with each other 24/7, but suddenly it was a bit empty without him.

This is when I incorporated another layer in the drawing and added tears and drew the eyes as watery. The poor little girl, though, I’m about to cry! It was quite painful to continue but I nevertheless managed. Among the choices in Procreate is the Narinder Pencil which creates smooth thin lines like a marker. I concluded the drawing with that by filling in the eyelashes, whites of eyes and details on the Sakura. After a few days, I was back at my boyfriend’s place. The Dutch government then announced last Sunday the measures of closing institutions. And I looked at the drawing again, I was not lonely and helpless anymore. Now I feel anxious and helpless. In great despair like we all are…

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