Simple Creatures

Today I’m sharing a quick and simple sketch from last week. It’s been a while since I involved my kitties, bunnies and bears as well as doggy! Don’t worry, they’re all back in my drawings. They’ve just been hibernating during the winter and now in hiding against the COVID-19 crisis so are safe and sound!

It’s the first time I’m trying out my ZIG Cartoonist Black Ink by Kuretake. The ink is actually Japanese sumi ink, made of soot from burnt lamp oil, wood and animal-based adhesive. Bought some time ago, possibly even a year earlier, it’s been sitting on my desk and forgotten. I have however used the felt pen marker version of the ink and was quite impressed with it so now was the time to try out the bottled version with my bamboo stick pen! Not having drawn my little sweet animals for a few weeks, this was the chance to start practicing. So began the doodles along with some flowers and circles to fill in the space. And now look how kawaii it all turned out!

Whilst water-based, sumi ink is permanent and waterproof. I was hence planning to add some colours with for instance some markers or even better watercolors. Then decided against it, Looks cool as it is! In times like this, less is more. I’ve done quite a lot of colourful and chaotic mixed media paintings lately and hence simplicity is a good change. I’m happy with the sketch and wish I had bought some bottles of sumi ink whilst in Japan. Oh well, it’s on my shopping list now for my next visit!

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