Floating and Flying

Another fun kawaii abstract painting I made in between my Cambodia and Japan trips! This time I wanted to experiment with a medium other than acrylic inks as done in my Paint Mojo paintings. So what happens if I use watercolor instead?

I went for some liquid watercolors in this painting. Dr Ph Martin’s Hydrus Liquid Watercolor sets are a great choice as they come in a variety of pretty colours. Here I merely drew some shapes and blobs of colours directly from the droppers in the bottles. Pink, yellow, sepia and blue were firstly used, and once I figured out what else needed doing, I switched to greens and orange. I tried using aquarelle pencils but found they were not intense as the Hydrus watercolors.

There is not much you can do with watercolors in terms of layering. Obviously if one adds another watercolour layer on top, it will smudge and move the underlying colours. As such it’s best to use coloured pencils or pens like gel and uni posca or acrylic markers. And that’s what I did! Just doodled in some small shapes, flowers and squiggles, not to mention Little One and bunnies floating around the painting. And now…

Watercolors are also great to use for abstract painting, I’ve gathered. The colours spread and flow so beautifully, and I love the transparent appearance. As mentioned above, though, they do have their limitations. I would nevertheless like to do more watercolor abstract paintings like this and experiment with various mediums. It’s always good to try new things and incorporate more kawaii elements into them!

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