I am indeed looking forward to our trip to Cambodia. Ever so excited! However there is one issue. You know I’m a keen Hello Kitty collector, right? Many I order on-line from abroad which have up to now gone quite smoothly. Way before Christmas, though, I ordered quite a lot of stuff and with the holidays season under way, there’s been delays. There were even a few packages expected from Japan, and after having not received them for some time, turned out to be stranded in transit. And a huge box of goodies from Singapore that only got shipped out on 31 December. Oh and let’s not forget that package from the U.S. with my Hello Kitty phone covers not available in Europe. They just got sent out three days ago, oh no!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the tracking sites. Indeed they are on their way. Most of them have already arrived in the country which is fantastic but still sitting in customs as of now. But I’ve got just the entire next week till I leave. Time is running out! I’m praying and praying that they will arrive in my hands safely before I go. Otherwise the post office will keep them for 7 days before returning them to the sender. Now I can’t have that! So you can imagine how I’m feeling at the moment. Anxious as hell! And very helpless.

So to quell my restlessness, I decided to grab my sketchbook out and paint away. And of course paint how I’m really feeling! Once I began sketching with pencil, I was feeling somewhat better. I suppose focusing on the drawing distracted me from my problems. Then the painting began! This time I was in the mood for watercolours. as I didn’t want to do anything complex. Just feeling I didn’t want to do much. So I went for my favourite set, the Kuretake Gansai Tanbi. You will notice how I practiced with some light and shade techniques, especially on the dress. Focusing on something else certainly helped keep my mind off negative thoughts.

A simple piece but the point was to express my state of mind. And even though the anxiety is still with me, the restless frustration has lessened. And of course making the the painting kawaii helps even more. I certainly found the session therapeutic. And now I can deal with my issues better. As for now, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that my stuff will arrive on time before I’m off to Cambodia…

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