Get Ready for Snow!

A few weeks from now, my boyfriend is off skiing with his two grown sons! They’re so excited about it, and it’s cool they can spend time together as father and sons. As for me, I’ll remain in Amsterdam to make the most of my “me time”. Am not as keen about skiing as they are so I’m happy to stay behind and catch up on stuff like seeing friends, shopping and of course painting! Besides, there is always another chance for us to travel to snowy places on our own and enjoy. So how about a kawaii painting of us hanging out in the snow?

Freezing Background

It was by chance that this background came up for this theme. Earlier I had created this from some leftover paint from a previous painting. All I did was scrape some clear gesso mixed with some Dr. Ph Martins Hydrus liquid watercolor in Cobalt Violet and then stamped on some Titanium White with bubble wrap. So cold looking, it makes me shiver just looking at it! So let’s add something cute to warm us up then…

Pencil Drawing

I had an idea of what I wanted so this is not intuitive painting this time. My BF and I holding hands enjoying the snow. In a form of Little One, that’s me in a cute bunny hat and him in a teddy bear one. How much cuter can you get!

Adding Texture

I then thought adding texture on the outfits would make the painting more interesting. With a palette knife, I spread some Golden’s Coarse Molding Paste on the hats and coats. So far so good. I’m loving the thick rough texture for that wooly look!

Painting Away

Once the paste was dry, I began painting! This time, I decided not to be lazy when filling in the face and actually mixed colours instead of resorting to Jane Davenport’s paint. I went for Amsterdam acrylic’s Yellow Ochre, Naples Yellow Red and Naples Yellow Deep and mixed them together, whilst adding some acrylic binder for a smooth even finish. For the outfits, Dylusions paints were used and also mixed with acrylic binder; Bubble Gum Pink on Little One and London Blue for BF.

Acrylic Markers

I used acrylic markers for the finer details like the eyes and hair, using various brown shades. White was also used for the whites of eyes and details on the outfits. This time, I wanted to make this piece cute and simple for a change. And here we are!

I hesitated showing my BF this painting in case he wouldn’t like the kawaii teddy bear snow hat. But I did anyway and am relieved that he thought it was cute! And why shouldn’t he? I had so much fun painting this piece which certainly shows as it reflects positivity and happiness. Hoping that he will enjoy his time with his boys. And look forward to spending some time in the snow with him soon too!

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