Happy Thoughts

It’s been quite some time since doing some digital art with my iPad! Last Monday I was in the mood to paint something but as the days get darker it’s not easy. I prefer to work with natural light. So this was a good opportunity to get my ipad out and open the Procreate app!

That afternoon, I was over at my dermatologist for the first time to see about my ugly age spots. I’ve had them for a few years now, and I’m getting increasingly self-conscious about them. After some research and asking around, I finally decided to undergo some laser treatment! That was my first visit. A few more visits will be needed to completely zap these spots! And so I pray. Add to that is a sense of hope and relief that good things can indeed happen. And it’s not just about my age spots but also to life and our surroundings. Praying that our world can be a better place to live, given all the disasters happening lately. So I want to share this digital piece I made with Little One praying along. Let’s make it all kawaii!


I wanted to have a gold background but digitally it’s impossible of course. Hence my best shot was starting with a warm dark warm yellow ochre background and some bright yellow spray paint.

Painting Little One

Here is Little One praying. I painted her in acrylic paint using a round brush but a flat brush for her hair. Amazing the difference brushes can make. I used the “flowing hair” as retouch as well. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget her arms. I’ll be drawing them in shortly!

Incorporating Ink Pen

Little One is praying and hence her arms are drawn in on her cute little purple frock. At this point I switched from acrylic paint to ink pen as the lines get finer. The hands were also done and the pretty pearls. Of course the eyes too! She really does look like she’s enjoying her peace and quiet.

Dreamy Surroundings

I felt more could be added. So I went for some Glimmer in bright yellow which gave this star-like effect. A bit like Milky Way. Then I came across Bokeh Lights, a series of small circles, a bit bubbly. They were then scattered about Little One for that further dreamy effect. And look what we have now!

It’s great to be back to digital art again for a change. Another way to relax and get creative when you don’t have your art kit handy. And look how cute and peaceful Little One looks praying as well. It’s so sweet of her to join our prayers. She too wants all good things to come! Let’s make the world a better place. And she keeps her fingers crossed that my laser treatment works as planned. Happy thoughts!

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