Walking in the Dark

Just wanted to share quick little sketch I did a few days ago. I had busy day but at the end of it wanted to just sit down and draw. It helps me relax and wind down! After rummaging through the cupboard to choose my stuff, I came across a pad of Cansons Dessin Noir black drawing paper. Then I grabbed some soft pastels. My present favourite at the moment is the set by Faber Castell. And I sketched away …

How about a sweet romantic drawing of us walking in the dark? Just a quick and brisk sketch but I had so much working on it. The beautiful pastel colours look even more vibrant on black paper! Once I was done, I was reminded of the evening during our holidays when we stayed by Großglockner, the highest mountain in Austria. We ventured out with our cameras and tripods to photograph some epic night shots. Being in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, it was pitch black with not a flicker of light in sight except for the occasional headlights of a passing car. The only light we saw was the stars in the sky. It was an unusually clear October evening, and the sky was filled with stars. How eerie is that?

Spooky it may be, I love how the drawing turned out! As said before, the colours really do stand out against the black paper. This is just a rough sketch but nevertheless effective. And kawaii of course! I’ll definitely be doing more black paper drawing. And even some painting too!

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