Hidden Bunnies

It’s November, and winter is coming.  Meanwhile, the bunnies are off underground hibernating.  Where can they be hiding?  We miss them!  I guess we will have to wait till Spring then.  So from here, I made another intuitive painting till I somewhat ended up with lots of bunnies!  Missing them must have been the reason for that.

Bunny Doodles

On my Strathmore Mixed Media sketch pad, I started doodling bunnies in various blue colours using my oil pastels,  Then I spritzed some yellow and orange Dylusions Ink Sprays.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve used these sprays!  Great to go back to using them again.  Here I used a combination of Lemon Zest and Squeezed Orange.  More bunnies were then doodled on top of that with the oil pastels, this time in violet and purple colours.

Spraying More Ink!

Then on top of the second layer of bunnies, I sprayed more ink.  Another orange shade joined in, Tangerine Dreams.  I also added some Distress Mica spray in Tarnished Brass to add some shimmer to the painting.  Now why haven’t used my sprays again earlier?  I love how it all looks!  Perhaps I found them a bit messy to use which is not the case since they don’t disperse all over the place.  Just surround the painting with some old newspaper.  For fun, I spread a bit of fluorescent red paint with a palette knife in random places.  Also added some bubble wrap imprints with the yellow ink in Lemon Zest.  Loving this so far…

IMG_2317 (1)

Negative Space

I love the result so much that I was not sure if I wanted to paint on top of it.  It’s because I didn’t want to lose the cute little bunny doodles!  Then I figured creating negative space out of the background would be a brilliant idea!  I chose green because it would symbolise the change of leaves to the background colours of orange and yellow.  First I drew a big bunny head, and where there was space added the “leaves” and a heart.  Then the “background” was then painted on with Dylusions paints in Polished Jade and Cut Grass to get this stunning emerald green.  I did consider working further on it but decided to stop here because I am happy the way it looks as is.  Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken!


It is so much fun incorporating the kawaii into abstract artwork!  What makes it fascinating is that I can freely express myself without being hung up with precision.  I have to say, though, I accidentally painted the negative space too small so had to rectify it by applying some gesso and painting on top of it.  Great to be able to find a solution for it and fix the problem!  For that reason, I am further happy I persevered and can be proud of myself.  When I miss the bunnies, I can always come back and look at this painting!

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